Watches for men and watches for women by TAG Heuer: the fine art of keeping time.

Quality and accuracy are the bywords when it comes to Swiss watches and luxury watches. And within this elite universe, TAG Heuer timepieces are in a league all their own. With both innovative design and advanced technology, they go far beyond luxury timepieces or sports watches – they are a class unto themselves.

By combining manual craftsmanship with the best, most advanced technology, TAG Heuer ladies’ and men’s watches perpetuate a remarkable legacy while encouraging quality and innovation. Entirely modern and eternally refined, a TAG Heuer watch is more than mere aesthetics. Its automatic watches possess high frequencies ranging from 21,600 vibrations per hour to up to 360,000 (as with the Calibre 360) – a guarantee of outstanding mechanical precision. A number of its automatic watch movements thus bear the prestigious Official Swiss Chronometer Control (C.O.S.C.) certificate.

Unsurprisingly, TAG Heuer chronograph watches are recognised as the height of Swiss watch precision. The official timekeeper of one of the world’s most celebrated races, the Monaco Grand Prix, TAG Heuer is also the partner of both Oracle Team USA – winner of the prestigious America’s Cup – and Formula 1 automotive manufacture McLaren, in the ultimate pact of speed and timekeeping precision.

TAG Heuer timepieces likewise astound aesthetically: created by expert specialists, these luxury Swiss watches harmoniously combine the best noble materials, such as sinuous calfskin or refined alligator leather, exquisite solid gold or strong stainless steel, at times accenting them with more modern, innovative materials, like high-tech rubber or contemporary fabric. In doing so, TAG Heuer turns preconceived notions of sports watches and luxury watches on their head. Its quality finishes, including fine brushing, black PVD finish and ruthenium treatment, are at once classic yet avant-garde attractive yet practical.

Not to be outdone, its watches for women are the pinnacle of restrained elegance. Most notably, its diamond watches add a trace of womanly sparkle to the famed men’s watch models for which TAG Heuer is known: the TAG Heuer Carrera, the Monaco, the Link, the Aquaracer and the TAG Heuer Formula 1. Featuring luxury materials and uncluttered lines, these sophisticated ladies’ timepieces perfectly uphold the band’s heritage of fine workmanship and impeccable precision that have been its hallmark for more than a century.

Indeed, TAG Heuer timepieces represent more than simple luxury or precision. They symbolise the finest Swiss craftsmanship thrust brazenly into the future. Where dependability meets aesthetics, artistry meets technology, elegance meets the avant-garde: TAG Heuer gives new meaning to luxury watches for men and women.



"From the start, I set my sights high. I didn’t care what people thought. I wanted my work to speak for itself, and totally silence the critics."

Before Jean-Michel Basquiat, the line between street art and ‘real’ art was uncrossable. Graffiti was defacement, a form of vandalism.

After him, street art became gallery art, one of contemporary art’s hottest commodities. His meteoric rise to the top, however, never got to him; he never cracked under the pressure of the art market, or changed his intense commitment to painting. For him, art was, always, everything.


Just as Basquiat challenged conventional aesthetics by bringing street graffiti into the gallery, TAG Heuer challenged watchmaking aesthetics.
He was never going to accept the categories and limits that others wanted to impose upon him, even if it meant going too far, too fast—and dying too young. He was never going to be just another Brooklyn kid with a spray can who thought he had something to say...

The streets were his roots—sleeping on park benches from the time he was 15—but Picasso and Warhol were his peers, and immortality his destiny. Born in 1960, dead of an overdose in 1988, Haitian, Puerto-Rican, American, black, but always more than the sum of these parts. A provocateur. A performer, A musician. A writer. And, above all, an artist, a painter who put every ounce of energy and ambition into his work, into complex constructions of text and image—800 in all—that changed the way the world looked at and thought about painting. His canvases – ironic, iconic, politically astute, socially aware – caught the adrenaline-fueled spirit of an era and made him a star—the dreadlocked wild child in paint-splattered bespoke suits who showed in major galleries and museums around the world. But his dedication to his craft—to working every day—never changed. It only grew, along with his vision and talent. Which is why he is the perfect TAG Heuer Ambassador. Because just as Basquiat challenged conventional aesthetics by bringing street graffiti into the gallery, TAG Heuer challenged watchmaking aesthetics. Like TAG Heuer, he was a path-breaker who refused limits and, no matter what, never cracked under pressure.



For more than 150 years, TAG Heuer has faced down every challenge, and then pushed past it. By defying the time-honored conventions of Swiss watchmaking, it has led it to ever higher levels of precision and performance. It makes its own rules, chooses its own path, never quits moving forward, never compromises, never cracks under pressure, just like its ambassadors.