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For more than 150 years, TAG Heuer has faced down every challenge, and then pushed past it. The Haute Horlogerie is the result of a watchmaking savoir-faire that pushes the limits of knowledge and beliefs in order to create bold timepieces with extraordinary features.

The first high-frequency chronograph moved by magnets, the TAG Heuer Carrera MikroPendulum is inspired by the TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrograph, the first integrated column wheel mechanical 100th of a second wrist chronograph with a flying central hand display. Like all MIKRO creations, it is a dual chain platform with a balance-wheel system for the watch (28,800 beats per hour (4Hz) with a 42 hour power reserve), and a hairspring-less pendulum system for the chronograph (360,000 beats per hour (50Hz) with a 70 minute power reserve). 

The 45mm case is in sandblasted, fine-brushed and polished titanium. The curved sapphire crystal is double anti-reflective curved sapphire crystal. The anthracite grey dial is fine-brushed on one side with Côte-de-Genève finishing under the pendulum-the first-ever magnetic oscillator without hairspring, which is on proud display at 9 o’clock. The chronograph minutes counter is at 3 o’clock, the chronograph seconds at 6, and the chronograph power reserve indicator at 12 o’clock. The 100ths of a second are displayed by a sweeping red central hand and measured out on a 1/100th of a second scale on the anthracite flange. This is classic, standard-bearer Carrera, always contemporary, always at the leading edge of technology and design.

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Accurately measuring time is the very essence of high-end watchmaking. Even more challenging, however, is to precisely divide seconds into the smallest possible fractions by means of a chronograph function. From the beginning, TAG Heuer has pioneered utmost precision and ever pushed limits of accuracy beyond conventional frontiers, making it today the undisputed master of every tiny fraction of time, 1/10th, 1/100th, 1/1,000th and 5/10,000th of a second.

With the new TAG HEUER CARRERA MIKROGRAPH AVANT-GARDE 1/100TH SECOND, TAG Heuer continues to explore the concept of the dual chain launched in January 2011. This technology allows, in an integrated mechanical movement, the elimination of cross-interference between the watch and the chronograph, and paves the way for an authentic dual-certification timepiece. This game-changing innovation combines two assortments beating at 28,800 and 360,000 beats/hour respectively. It offers unrivalled precision and chronometry thanks to the independence of its “normal speed” and “high speed” watchmaking chains.

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Considered as the ultimate watchmaking complication, the tourbillon is the signature of the greatest manufactures of all times but is often sourced from external and independent manufactures. In 2012, TAG Heuer’s engineers and watchmasters re-invent the tourbillon by introducing the MikrotourbillonS, the first high-frequency dual tourbillon chronograph entirely envisioned, developed and manufactured internally.

The company creates a complete revolution by integrating in the same timepiece the ultimate complication: chronograph and tourbillon.Equipped with a fast tourbillon rotating once per minute with a 4Hz regulator and a revolutionary tourbillon rotating 12 times per minute with a 50Hz regulator, it is the utmost chronograph masterpiece in term of speed, precision and accuracy. The TAG Heuer MikrotourbillonS is the world’s most accurate dual tourbillon, 50 Hz, dynamically compensated; the world’s fastest tourbillon rotating every five seconds; the world’s only dual tourbillon designed for precision timing; the world’s only dual tourbillon capable of measuring and displaying, like the Mikrograph, one hundredth of a second and the world’s only dual tourbillon capable of creating a “certifiable” chronograph. 

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Totally black. Totally matt. Stylish. Uncompromising. Almost stealthy. Made entirely from carbon fibre, its case, which is equipped with the famous microscopic toothed micro-belt transmission (the size of a hair, no wider than 0.07 mm) with its linear weight which moves on a rail and its ball bearings: let us introduce the Monaco V4 Phantom.

The new feature of the 2015 version is found on the case, which is made from CMC (Carbon Matrix Composite) and the 7 bridges of its movement, also in CMC. A specific technique was used to create them in ""directed carbon"", which means that the carbon fibres are placed in a certain direction in the mould, then micro-blasted, giving them a regular and particularly elegant ""matt black vertical brushed"" appearance. The entire dial is composed of shades of dark grey and black. For example, the hands are faceted and satin-finished, with a Titanium Carbide Coating and anthracite grey SuperLuminova™. Only the jewels (a total of 48 stones in the movement) reveal discreet little touches of red.

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